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Juan José Cabillas Quartet

The Juan José Cabillas Quartet project is made up of four musicians from different fields and groups on the European music scene: Juan José Cabillas (alto sax), Noe Sécula (piano), Alfio Laini (drums) and Tobias Melcher (double bass).
The project begins in the fall of 2020 during the professional degree studies at Hochschule für Musik, Jazz Campus Basel (Switzerland) where Juan José and Noé first met, inspired by the character of both performers and the essence of creative thinking. Later, with the addition of Alfio and Tobias, the group continues to grow until being its current quartet configuration.
The same type of ideas, concerns and vision of music contribute the uniqueness and exclusivity of the Juan José Cabillas Quartet. The evolution of its group members as musicians together with the transformation of personal relationships bring about the most intimate and novel interpretations of jazz standards and self-created compositions. A collective experience that, throughout 2021, becomes their first album.
Among the objectives of the project are the presentation of the album together with the preparation of its own new compositions and the constant review and search in jazz classics. Discovering aspects of the performers' personalities, sharing ideas, the quartet continues to evolve, making each new composition or album its story.

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