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Juan José Cabillas with Strings

In 2017, Juan José Cabillas embarked on a musical project inspired by the album "Charlie Parker with Strings." The goal was to create a modern interpretation of this classic album. Thus, "Juan José Cabillas with Strings" was born.

The project is based on the jazz quartet "Red Cheeks Quartet" and a symphonic orchestra. The quartet is formed by Juan José Cabillas (saxophone), Josep Pou (piano), Pupy Domínguez (double bass), and Brais Lorenzo (drums). These talented musicians have been playing together for years and have a unique chemistry that comes through in their music.

To make the project even more special, the famous arranger Miguel Blanco was brought on board. His expertise in orchestration added a new dimension to the quartet's sound.

The resulting album is a masterpiece of modern-latin jazz. It features typical songs of the jazz quartet like "Blues for Cádiz," as well as four pieces with a symphonic orchestra. One of these pieces is "Ruby My Dear" a beautiful ballad by Thelonius Monk that showcases the quartet's musicality and Blanco's skillful arrangements.

The album combines the best elements of traditional jazz with modern touches that make it unique and fresh. Juan José Cabillas with Strings is a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty of music.

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